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Share some HCNA-Storage H13-611-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system, a hard disk domain can contain only one type of disk.
Answer: B

Cloud data center on the basis of data center to virtualize storage resources, computing resources, network resources, etc., providing a virtualization platform.
Answer: A

Which of the following description about CIFS and NFS shares is not correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. CIFS is a protocol based on the network sharing, have higher requirements on the reliability of the network transmission, so usually use TCP protocol for transmission
B. One drawback of CIFS is that Windows client must be installed proprietary software
C. NFS is a stateless protocol, but CIFS is a stateful protocol; NFS can automatically recover from link failure, but CIFS cannot
D. both CIFS and NFS protocol requires the client for file format conversion
Answer: BD

RTO in disaster recovery systems measurement index refers to after the disaster, system and data must be restored to the time objectives requirements.
Answer: B

In Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system, a LUN can create multiple snapshots, but only a snapshot in active state.
Answer: B

Establish SCSI connection requires five steps, the following options £¬ which order is correct?
A. negotiate—addressing—connect—bus idle—disconnect
B. addressing—bus idle—connect—negotiate—disconnect
C. bus idle—addressing—negotiate—connect—disconnect
D. bus idle—negotiate—addressing—connect—disconnect
Answer: C

Which of the following is the correct configuration process of Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system ?
A. Create storage pool—-create LUN—-add mapping
B. Create storage pool—-add mapping—-create LUN
C. Create LUN—-create storage pool—-add mapping
D. Create LUN—-add mapping—-create storage pool
Answer: A

Which of the following description about Huawei RAID 2.0+ technology is correct?
A. Each storage layer hard drive type in the hard disk domain is the same
B. hard disk space is divided into fixed-size pieces
C. Users can respectively set “RAID policy” for each of the storage layer in the storage pool
D. grain as the smallest particle of data migration and basic units of ThickLUN composition
Answer: ABC

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